All-in-One Network Displays

Our Android All-in-One Network Screens have all the necessary networking hardware built-in; making installation a breeze. Other network solutions require you to buy multiple pieces of hardware – making setup and installation much more difficult, as well as the added challenge of concealing all of the extra wires and power leads.

Hardware and software usually come from different sources which can result in confusion and conflict when identifying any potential faults. In contrast to this, any issues with our screens or digital signage software will be dealt with directly by us; one supplier, one solution.




RSS Feeds


Multiple Zones

Background Image

Scrolling Text Message

Static Text

Editable Background Colours

Editable Font Colours

Time and Date

Remote Commands

User Management

Multi-Screen Synchronisation


These screens have LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity as standard and can even be upgraded to have 3G connectivity. This means that we can provide a fully integrated cloud based solution for any location – even if broadband access is not available.

Cloud Based CMS

Updating your screens couldn’t be simpler. Login to our web-based portal from anywhere in the world to upload media, manage playlists, create your own templates and schedule content for whenever you want; giving you complete control over your network. No special software installation or dedicated PC is required.

Tablet-Style Aesthetics

Buttonless tempered glass face, rounded corners, super slim profile and aluminium surround make them the most striking displays on the market. They have the same appearance and specification as the screens in the standalone Android ranges.

Create Custom Layouts

Design your own layouts with different media zones for your images, videos, webpages, time, date and also allows you to add a scrolling message or RSS feed. Add your logo, create branded “skins” and use your corporate colours to maintain brand consistency.

Display a Live Website

The new Android media player allows you to display a website such as a live estate agent property feed or social networking page.

Run Your Own Software

If you already have a CMS solution this can be loaded onto the internal Android media player.

Schedule Playlists

Determine exactly what content is displayed and when. Create playlists that will automatically display your desired content at predetermined times and dates.

Remote Screen Functions

The CMS allows you to control most of your screen’s functions from anywhere, such as rebooting your screen, playing and stopping content, volume control and scheduling on/off times; a truly centralised solution.

Manage Your Users

You may wish to limit some functions or zones to specific users; our system allows full user rights control. A log of all of your user and screen activity is also recorded.

Network Management

Check the status of each screen in your network, you can even preview what they are currently playing.

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