Digital Advertising Displays

Designed to Accommodate Your Needs

Our user friendly Digital Advertising Displays come in a variety of styles and sizes. All of our products are designed for constant 24/7 public usage; achieved by using commercial grade panels and components. This ensures that the ultra-sharp colours don’t fade over time, as they would with other panels found in TVs and PC monitors. To protect against potential damage or tampering from the public our Android displays have a mild steel enclosure, a stylish tempered glass front panel, no easily accessible buttons or controls and a locker door to prevent any unwanted updates. They also feature a number of AV inputs for use as a monitor and feature eco-friendly power timers. As we manufacture the screens any pre-production modifications can be made.

The Simplicity of Plug and Play

Thanks to their built in USB media players most of our products use a straightforward plug and play system. Simply load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick then insert it into the display, which will copy the files into its internal flash memory. Once you remove the memory stick the screen will then start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop. For more advanced requirements the free Scheduling Software included with the screen can be used.

Our Android Advertising Displays and Android Freestanding Digital Poster ranges have a simple plug and play system to manually update content. Their flexible future proof design allows them to also be upgraded to an All-in-One Network Display, allowing you to remotely update your screen via LAN, Wi-Fi or 3G without the need for any additional hardware.

For more intricate applications an easy to use piece of free Scheduling Software is included with the standalone Android models, which allows the user to create playlists for different times of the day. For example if the display were to be used as a digital menu board, it could show the breakfast menus in the morning and lunch menus in the afternoon.

"Enhancing Customer Engagement"