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Welcome and Reception Area Screen Solution

Combining three of our products in a modular fashion, along with our expertise to design and install, our these products can bring your reception area to life and welcome your customers and visitors in style.


Combining three of our products in a modular fashion, along with our expertise to design and install, our these products can bring your reception area to life and welcome your customers and visitors in style.

The three elements are:

  • Our advanced 49” super narrow bezel video wall displays
  • Our Android cloud network player with live input
  • Professional pop-out landscape video wall mount

If you have a requirement for welcome screens or screens for reception areas, please contact us.

49” Super Narrow Bezel Video Wall Display

These advanced Video Wall Displays are purpose built for constant commercial use. Combining the latest technologies you can effectively achieve a seamless video wall however big your project may be. Each display has its own integrated video matrix processor; allowing any video wall configuration without any additional hardware. Using the latest in IPS technology these displays can be used in both landscape and portrait as well as providing incomparable image quality and lifespan.

Features include:

Seamless Video Wall – With a total bezel size as narrow as 3.5mm these displays are ideal as part of a virtually seamless LCD Video Wall – keeping all of the focus on your content.

Embedded Video Matrix Processor – These displays can be used individually or as part of a tiled video wall. As a video wall, the units can tile the video signal automatically thanks to their built in video matrix processor. This means the video wall can have any configuration without any additional hardware.

Smart Temperature Control System – This allows the screens to be in constant use. Internal fans ensure a long and reliable life for your screens, you can even control the temperature range for which the fans are active.

Multiple Input Options – Powerful interface supporting a wide range of audio and video inputs, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, RGB/HV, Composite Video, and YPbPr.

Environmentally Friendly Power Timer – Allows for a reduced power usage in those hours that the displays are not required. Set daily or weekly On/Off times for your displays.

IPS Commercial Grade Panel – Superior colour uniformity, viewing angle and remarkably vibrancy, even when mounted in portrait. Also these panels do not suffer from blackening defect when used as a window display.

Android Cloud Network Player with Live Input

Our cloud media players are designed and built to provide flexibility and power with:

Broadcast Live TV – Transform existing screens into cloud based Digital Advertising Displays with a live television input. Simply connect a TV set-top box or desired input source into the media player via HDMI. Then connect the media player to a screen via HDMI and you can control everything via our CMS. It couldn’t be simpler to integrate live TV with Digital Signage.

Cloud Based Software – The Cloud Network Media Player transforms your screens into remotely updatable advertising displays. Start by logging into our cloud based portal (MySignagePortal.com) to upload content, design multimedia zone layouts with a live TV zone, create playlists and schedules and take control of every one of your screens.

Simple Network Solution – No software installation is required once you have connected the Cloud Network Media Players to your screens via HDMI or VGA. The screens in your network can all be under one roof or as part of a a national or global network. Just by logging in  to our cloud based CMS you can control your screens individually or as part of a network.

Features include:

Android Media Player – Their Android PC board provides a super fast processing speed allowing for improved communication with the CMS and means you can update your screens quicker than ever before. The Android Cloud Network Media Player also allows you to run your own software should you already have a CMS solution.

Update Your Screen From Anywhere – Content can be uploaded and managed from anywhere in the world via our web portal, simply login, upload your images and videos to our secure server and send them directly to your screens.

Remote Screen Functions – You can control most of your screen’s functions via the CMS, such as playing and stopping content as well as volume control; a truly centralised solution. Records are kept of all screen and user activity so as you can monitor the usage and effectiveness of your content.

Schedule Playlists – You can determine exactly what content is displayed and when. Create playlists that will automatically display your desired content at pre-determined times and dates. Whatever your scheduling requirements, our system can support them.

Manage Your Users – You may wish to limit some functions or zones to specific users. For example you may wish to allow a receptionist to have access to the screen in the reception area but nothing else – our system allows full user rights control.

Pop-Out Landscape Video Wall Mount

These wall mounts are designed to provide an ideal, highly versatile and reliable way of securing your screens.

Features include:

  • Designed for commercial use
  • Micro-adjustment video wall mount
  • Up/down micro-adjustment: 28mm
  • In/out micro-adjustment: 18mm
  • Tilting micro-adjustment range of -3° to +5°
  • Pop out depth: 165mm
  • Suitable for most 46”-70” screens
  • Maximum VESA pattern: 800x400mm
  • Maximum hole pattern: 800x450mm
  • Mounting profile from wall: 137-300mm
  • Maximum weight capacity: 70kg/154lbs
  • Anti-theft security feature (requires padlock)

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Warranty & Maintenance

Our products come with a commercial 3 year return-to-base warranty (accidental damage not included) and lifetime technical support as standard. However, to optimise both the performance and effective lifespan of your digital screen media, we recommend our specialist service & maintenance services.

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